The Rarest PS4 Games – 2019 Edition

We are on the verge of a new console generation and with hype at an all-time high, why not look back at the rarest PS4 titles that may be sitting on your shelf. The PS4 has been out for nearly 5 years now and with an extensive library there are bound to be a few games that have become collector’s items.

We will be looking at some of the rarest games in the physical PS4 library, of course we are excluding releases from Limited Run games as if kept this list would be plagued by their games since most of them on average resell for around 60€ ($67) or more. We are also excluding collector’s editions and similar special edition items released for games as they often indicate the value of the merchandise included and not the actual game itself. Furthermore we are sticking strictly to Western releases only, meaning games that have been released in the American and European territories. We are also excluding Hong Kong (Asia Region 3) releases as many of the Asian with English subtitles games as they are not available in the regions we are focusing in and tend to fetch rather high prices of around 40€ ($44) and upwards.

We will also be taking a look at global rarity, meaning that some games that might be hard to come by in one region might be really easy to acquire in another region for example, Gravity Rush Remastered is considered a rare game in certain regions reaching prices of 45€ ($50) and up but in Germany the game is rather plentiful and can be bought for around 20€. This is important as most of these games are readily available on eBay and similar platforms.

Compared to retro games and even some last gen games, the PS4 is starting to develop a collectors library, and seeing that we are soon to enter a new generation of consoles with the upcoming PS5 and respective Xbox counterpart, it is a better time than ever to start collecting games on the PS4. The prices of some of these games may not seem as relatively high as PS4 games are fairly new which in turn would not fetch ridiculously prices as games from previous generations.

A Way Out
Secondary Market Value: 30€-40€ ($33-$44)
A Way Out is a very fascinating game as it broke many traditional gameplay elements at the time. The game is co-op only with no single player mode and focuses on escaping prison and being on the run. The game sold over a million copies in its first two weeks of release, which makes me wonder how this game even became so rare, it also recently got a pressing on the Xbox One causing that version to be sub $20 but if you want to play it on PS4 you will have to fork over 40 euro/dollars to get your hands on the game.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force
Secondary Market Value: 35-50€ ($38-$55)
Originally this game had a limited release on the Idea Factory online store only but subsequently got a retail release in most territories. This is a remaster of the highly coveted Fairy Fencer F on PS3 which in itself was one of the rarest PS3 titles before this version released. The game can still be bought in Idea Factory’s online store but we do not know how much longer it will be available and is suspected to skyrocket in price thereafter, the game despite being on the IF online story still holds up its value on secondary marketplaces such as eBay. The game is a lengthy and intriguing JRPG which people who play modern JRPGs will enjoy.

Ys VII: Lacrimosa of Dana
Secondary Market Value: 40-50€ ($44-$55)
This game has spiked in value throughout recent months but has often maintained a price in the mid 40s on PS4. The game was highly anticipated and upon announcement was short printed, the game quickly sold out in certain territories and people who wanted it had to wait months for a second pressing. It was also for a time considered the rarest game on PS4. It continues the revered JRPG Ys franchise and was positively received.

Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation
Secondary Market Value: 50€-65€ ($55-$71)
This game again did not have a large printing like other games in this list, however most large retail stores who ordered the game only carried a select few copies which increased its scarcity, the game like Fairy Fencer F, is still available at Idea Factory’s online store however, the secondary market still has a rather high price tag for this game. This is also one of the very few entries that had its price spike shortly after release, I personally got this game for 35 euro a few weeks after release and now the game’s price has seemingly nearly doubled. The game itself also is a collection of the Date A Live visual novels previously released in Japan, which makes it a rather lengthly game. The game also did not receive a lot of coverage or marketing as even fans of the franchise that I personally know were not aware of the games release which his a contributing factor to its scarcity. When the Idea Factory copies run out I can see this game’s price skyrocketing in the secondary market, so I would suggests any anime fan to pick up a copy soon.

Monster Boy
Secondary Market Value: 60-70 ($66-$77)
This game went largely unnoticed, fans of the Wonder Boy series will know this game as it was considered a successor to the series before a the new Wonder Boy game which is also on PS4 came out. The game itself is fairly standard and received good ratings but is estimated that only sold around 50,000 copies worldwide, contributing to the rarity of the game, perhaps you can still see this game on the bargain bin of your local store.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven
Secondary Market Value: 110€-140€ ($122-$154)
Why is this game so expensive? You can actually buy this game digitally on the playstation store for about 69,99 dollars/euro. For a digital game in itself it is rather expensive, it is also apparently not a very good game, many people complain about its poor gameplay, but even then fans of JoJo will want to have this game as it provides very interesting stories of the JoJo universe. Furthermore there was a very low print number and as far as I am aware there was only one pressing of the game even the Japanese version is hovering around 75€ ($83) online. The last copy I saw on sale was an Italian copy on eBay for about 110€ ($122).